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Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use

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These terms & conditions(“Terms and Conditions”) control your use of this site marksinfo.com(“Website”). In these Terms & Conditions, MarksInfo is referred to as “Company,” “us” or “we.” You refer to the user who is browsing the website or enroll for online training courses.


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About the website

marksinfo.com provides Instructor-led Live online. Our courses are designed to help Students (who enrol our courses) in their professional career.

Guidelines to use the website

  • You should not use this site in an unlawful manner; you must respect website terms and conditions and follow the privacy policy.
  • Under no situations or circumstances, the company will be liable for any change in the content which it provides on the website through its products and services. Including but not limited to any errors, omissions, loss or damage experienced in connection with the use of exposure, any content made available via our products, services or various resources such as email, blog, etc.
  • Our services are free to any user with access to the internet. However, we are not responsible for the charges incurred for the usage of hardware, software or internet services provider fee. Also, the user is entirely responsible for the proper functioning of computer hardware and internet access
  • You will be required to use login credentials for some of the sections on the site, and the company reserves the right to block access to our services for any user who does not follow these conditions
  • We make sure that users get uninterrupted access to our service, but there is no obligation to do so.
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  • Do not upload, install, transfer files which are protected by Intellectual Property laws or software which affect other computers.
  • It’s prohibited to edit HTML source code, reverse engineer or attempt to hack.
  • Do not run Spam services/scripts or anything which could affect infrastructure, and in turn, users.
  • Do not communicate spam, advertise or sell services such as digital downloads, eBooks or phishing links
  • You may not copy, distribute and indulge in plagiarism with website content or user submitted content.
  • It is the user’s responsibility to acquire all necessary software required to maintain connectivity and to combat the menace of Internet hacking, such as but not limited to anti virus, firewalls, VPN etc.

You acknowledge that framing the company’s website or any similar process is prohibited.

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